Houston Airport - IAH - Terminal A

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Terminal Map Houston Airport

Check the Terminal Map of Houston Airport. Terminal A is located at the West.

Houston Terminal Map


The terminal building has 4 levels:

Level LL

There is the Subway that runs to Terminal B/C/D/E and the Hotel Marriot.

Passengers can only access to the Subway by the pre-security terminal area.


Level 1 - Arrivals

Besides the Baggage Claim Area and the Passenger Pick-Up, from level 1 passengers can access to the Ground Transportation:

- Bus & Rental Cars

- Hotel Shuttles

- Parking Shuttles

- Limos

- Private Cars

- Pre-arranged Ground Transportation

- Taxis

- TNC/Uber


There is access to the Parkings at Terminal A - Houston airport: Parking A and B. With Electric Vehicle Charging Stations that are located on Level 4 - A side.

Valet Parking: located in Level 1


Level 2 - Departures

There are gates from A1 to A30 located in two different areas grouped as:

- Gates from A1 to A15. There is an access to the Skyway to Terminals B/C/D/E (Level 3 - Elevated Train).

- Gates from A17 to A30.

To access to both groups of gates it is necessary to cross the Security Checkpoint for each one.

Gates A-111, A-112 and A-113 are located apart of the other ones.


The Passenger Drop-Off area, Ticketing and Check-in Areas are located here.


From the Ticketing/Check-in area there is access to the Subway that runs to Terminals B/C/D/E and the Marriot Hotel (Level LL - Underground Train).



Among other services provided along all the terminal as ATMs, Courtesy Phones, Elevators and escalators, Family Restrooms or Pet Relief Area, there are as well various Defibrillators, Interactive Directories, Shoe Shine, Smoking Area or Valet Parking (Level 1).


Level 3 - Skyway

There is the Skyway that runs to the terminals B/C/D/E.

Passengers can only access to the Skyway by the secured concourse.


Amenities and Services

Besides the regular services offered on the other terminals as ATMs, Baggage Carts, Vending Machines, Electric Charging Stations, Phones, Duty Free, Restrooms, TTY Phones, Pet Relief Area, among others, in Terminal A it is offered as well: Baggage Wrap service, Mailbox or Water Bottle Filling Stations.


Airlines that operate from Terminal A

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Terminal A of Houston airport has one Lounge: United Club.