Houston Airport - IAH - Terminal B

George Bush Airport Terminal B is home of mainly of the United Express domestic flights and international departures, as it is the single tenant of the terminal.

Along with Terminal A, opened its gates in 1969 and barely altered its design and distribution since then.

From 1997 to 2001, Houston Terminal underwent to minor renovations.


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Terminal Map Houston Airport

Check the Terminal Map of Houston Airport. Terminal B is located between Terminal A and Marriot Hotel.

Houston Terminal Map


Houston Airport Terminal B consist of North and South concourses, which divides the terminal into two sectors.

The terminal building has 4 levels:

- Level LL

Access to the Subway that runs to Terminals A/C/D/E and Marriot Hotel. It is only possible to access to the Subway through the pre-security terminal area.


- Level 1 - Arrivals

Besides the Baggage Claim Area and the Passenger Pick-Up, travellers can access to:

- Ground Transportation

- Parking AB
- Houston Police Department
- Pet Relief Area
- Valet Parking

- Dixie Friend Gay, Houston Bayou - ART


- Level 2 - Departures and check-in level

It has gates from B1 to B88 divided in different concourses:

- Concourse from gates B1 to B11.

- Concourse from gates B12 to B20.

- Concourse from gates B21 to B31.

- An area divided in two group of gates/concourses:

North Concourse:

B76, B76a, B77, B77a, B79, B79a, B80, B81, B81a, B83, B83a.

B85, B85a, B86, B86a, B87, B88. From here there is access to the Nursery (upper level).

South Concourse:

B1-B31, B12-B20 and B1-B11.

Access to the New United Club is granted by both escalator and elevator close to the United check-in counter.

The Passenger Drop-Off area, Ticketing and Check-in Areas are located in this level.

From the Ticketing/Check-in area passengers can access directly to the Subway and runs to Terminals A/C/D/E and the Marriot Hotel (Level LL - Underground Train).


There are various services and amenities provided along the Terminal B - Departures Level: Defibrillators, ATMs, Currency Exchange, Nursery, Shoe Shine, Smoking Area, Valet Parking, among others.


- Level 3 - Skyway

It is located the Skyway (elevated train) that runs to the terminals A/C/D/E. The Skyway is only accessible when crossing the secured concourse.


Flight Status

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Airlines that operate from Terminal B

United is the only airline that operates at Terminal B.

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Amenities and Services of the Terminal

Along all the Terminal B there are provided different services and amenities that are offered as well to the other terminals as: MailSafe Express, Parking Facilities, Pet Relief Area, Elevators and Escalators, Family Restrooms, Shoe Shine, Rapid Charger Machine, among others.



Marriott Hotel is located between Terminals B and C. It has a Subway Station as well.  


Airport lounges

Terminal B of Houston airport has one Lounge:

- United Club Lounge: Location: Airside, South Mezzanine, above Continental Express Counter.