Houston Airport - IAH - Terminal E

George Bush Airport Terminal E exclusively serves International Arrivals for all other terminals.

The terminal will only serve International Arrivals until the completion of Terminal D.


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Terminal Map Houston Airport

Check the Terminal Map of Houston Airport. Terminal E is located at the East. Next to Terminal C and Terminal D.

Houston Terminal Map


The terminal building has 4 levels:

- Level LL

Access to the Subway that runs to Terminals A/B/C and the Marriot Hotel. Passengers and visitors can only access to the Subway via the pre-security terminal area.


- Level 1 - International Arrivals

Gates: from E1 to E24. It handles International Arrivals.


It also has:

- Ground Transportation: Hotel Shuttles, Rental Car Shuttles, O-Airport Parking, Taxis, TNC/Uber

- SuperShuttle Counter

- International Arrivals

- Parking D and E - Using Tunnel Level. There are Electric Vehicle Charging Stations at Level 3. Valet Parking located at Level 2

- Passenger Pick-Up Lanes

From the Arrivals Level passengers can reach the subway (down, Level LL) to Terminals A, B and C as well as to reach the Marriot airport.

From the Arrivals Level passengers can access as well to Level 1.

At the arrivals area it’s located one Starbucks and two shopping places: AT&T Automated Kiosk and The Wall Street Journal. Other amenities and services provided from the arrivals level of Terminal E are: Defibrillators, Foreign Currency Exchange, Smoking Areas, Information Point, Vending Machines, among others.


- Level 2 - Departures level and check-in

it has gates from E1 to E24. There are:

- The Passenger Drop-Off

- The Ticketing/Check-In areas passengers can go down to International Arrivals, the Ground Transportation and the Subway. The Subway reaches Terminals A, B, C and the Marriot Hotel.

- The Valet Parking - Located at Level 2.

Gates at Terminal E are located along the terminal complex and two Concourses that group the gates as:

- Gates E1-E3, E4a, E4b, E5a, E5b, E6, E7a, E7b, E8 and E9 (to the left).

- Gates E10a, E10b, E11, E12, E14 (southwest).

- Gates E15a, E15b, E16, E17, E18a, E19, E20a, E20b, E21-E24 (to the right and southeast)

Next to gate E1 there is a walkway that connects with Concourse C past to Gates 10 A and B (gates C41-C45) and the Domestic Baggage Claim of Terminal E.


Skyway at Terminal E - Houston airport

After the Security Check-point all travellers can reach the Skyway (Elevated Train) that runs to Terminals A, B and C (located at Level 3 Platform Area).



There are different services that are offered from departures: as ATMs, Family Restrooms, Courtesy Phones, Currency Exchange, MailSafe Express, Rapid Charger Machine, Shoe Shine and more than 20 shops and 20 restaurants/cafés.


- Level 3 - Skyway

It is located the Skyway (elevated train) that runs to the terminals A/B/C. The Skyway is only accessible for passengers when the secured concourse is crossed.

Next to the Skyway there is a walkway that links directly with Terminal D (gates D1-D12).



Amenities and Services at the Terminal E

As the rest of the Terminals at Houston airport, Terminal E is provided with various services and amenities available through all the other ones. But some of them are only provided in some terminals as Rapid Charger Machine, Shoe Shine or MailSafe Express.


Flight Status

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Airlines at IAH Terminal E

United is the only airline that operates from Terminal E at Houston airport.

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Airport lounges at Terminal E - Houston airport

- United Club: Location: Between gates E11 and E12.