IAH Transport Between Terminals

At Houston George Bush Airport, passengers have several options to transfer between terminals and to parking and hotels areas around. 

All five terminals at Houston Airport are connected by an underground train (Subway) and the Skyway (the elevated train).

Terminals A,B, C, D and E are connected trough Subway and Skyway. Both of them are free.


This is available at the Airside Connection

Sky Way 2 Houston Airport
IAH Skyway.

The Skyway connects Terminals A, B, C, D, E for passengers with connecting flights in different terminals and provides airside connections. The Skyway allows travellers to move within the Airport without having to re-enter security. Service is free and operates every day. Departs every two minutes from the Skyway stations in Terminals A, B, C and D/E.

​The total Skyway travel time from the Terminal A station to the Terminal D/E station is 4 minutes, 15 seconds.


Skywalk Station is located in Level 3 of each Terminal.


This is the Landside Connection

The Subway provides transportation between terminals from pre-security areas. It departs from Terminals A, B, C, D/E, and the Airport Hotel Marriott. The Subway operates daily from 3:30am to 12:30am and it’s closed between 12:30am and 3:30am. Departs every three minutes from the Subway stations in Terminals A, B, C, D/E, and the Airport Marriott.

Travel time is 3 minutes. It is free between the Airport premises. 

Subway Houston Airport
Terminal A stop. 


Subway Station is located in Level LL of all Terminals.

The below-ground Subway train provides transportation between terminals while outside security (pre-security).